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दोस्तों इस पोस्ट मैं हम राजस्थान पटवारी भर्ती मैं आने वाले Computer Questions For Rajasthan Patwar Computer Questions को पढेंगे. जेसे की आप सभी को पता ही है राजस्थान पटवार एग्जाम की डेट आई ही गयी है | rajasthan patwari exam date 10 January से स्टार्ट है | और इस पेपर मैं computer अपना एक important role प्ले करता है | तो Computer Questions For Rajasthan Patwar Computer Questions  and Rajasthan Patwar Computer One Liner यहाँ पर पढाये गये है, जिसे पड़कर आप अपने पेपर मैं अच्छा स्कोर करोगे | Computer MCQ Questions For Rajasthan Patwari को अपने दोस्तों के साथ शेयर करें व् Rajasthan Patwar Computer Questions,Computer MCQ Questions For Rajasthan Patwar and Rajasthan police Computer One Liner मैं अच्छे से स्कोर करें

दोस्तों जेसा की आपको पता है राजस्थान मैं अब,Rajasthan Patwar Computer Questions साथ ही rajasthan patwari exam date भी आ गयी है और इन दोनों पेपर मैं computer questions का एक important role है | Computer MCQ Questions For Rajasthan Police और आने वाले टाइम मैं rajasthan computer teacher की vacancy आने वाली है | इन्ही एग्जाम को ध्यान मैं रखते हुए हमने Computer MCQ Questions For Rajasthan Police | Rajasthan Patwari MCQ Computer Questions | Rajasthan Computer Teacher Questions, Computer MCQ Questions For Rajasthan Police and Computer Questions For Rajasthan Police Constable, Rajasthan police Computer One Liner सीरीज शुरू की है आप सभी इसे रेगुलर पड़ें|

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Ms word questions

rajasthan police computer questions
rajasthan police computer questions

Rajasthan police Computer MCQ

1.Which among the following options is a valid file extension for MS Word file?

  • .jpeg
  • .doc
  • .png
  • .exe

Ans. . doc

2.Which is the following is not an option in clipboard?

  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Page setup
  • Format Painter

Ans. Page setup

3.MS PowerPoint is software of _

  • Android
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Yahoo

Ans. Microsoft

4.A device that is connected to the motherboard is

  • Called an external device
  • Called an adjunct device
  • Called an peripheral device
  • Must connect using ribbon cable

Ans. Must connect using ribbon cable

5.Application are often referred to as

  • Data files
  • Executable file
  • System software
  • The operating system

Ans. The operating system

6.“ISDN”‘ stand For :

  • International standard digital network
  •  Integrated service data network
  •  International service digital network
  • International service data network

Ans.International service data network

7.What menu is selected to cut , copy, and paste ?

  • File
  • Edit
  • Tools
  • Table


8.What is the main folder of a storage device called ?

  • Plat form
  • Interface
  • Root directory
  • Home page

Ans.Root directory

9.Which is the a graphical representation of an application?

  • Windows 95
  • Windows Explorer
  • Icon
  •  Taskbar


10.Arial, Cambria, Verdana, Times New Roman are the names of ______.

  • Text
  • Font face
  • Highlights
  • Alignment

Ans.Font face

11.Which of the following operating systems use command line interface ?

  • Mac OS X
  • Windows 7
  • Ms DOS

Ans.Ms DOS

12.In VLSI integrated circuit technology, VLSI stands for :

  • Very low security information
  • Very large scale integration
  • Very large scale information
  • Very low scale information

Ans.Very large scale integration

13.Which of the following is not a version of the windows operating system software for the PC ?

  • ME
  • 98
  • Linux
  • XP


14.Which of the following is not an example of application software ?

  • Word processing software
  • Spreadsheet software
  • Operating system software
  • Graphics software

Ans.Operating system software

15.Which of the following is not true about RAM?

  • RAM is the same as hard disk storage
  • RAM is a temporary storage
  • RAM is volatile
  • Ram is a primary memory

Ans.RAM is the same as hard disk storage

16.= sum (B1 B0) is an example of a

  • Function
  • Cell address
  • Formula
  • Value

Ans. Function

17.Usually, installation files have the extension……

  • .jpeg
  • .gif
  • .doc
  •  .exe

Ans. .exe

18.Which of the following will you consider as most secure?

  • Login phrase
  • Login numeral
  • Password
  • One time password

Ans. One time password

19.In a microcomputer system , the CPU is contained on a single chip called the

  • ROM
  • Control unit
  • Microprocessor
  • Semiconductors

Ans. Microprocessor

20.Which of the following is an electronic or paper log used to track computer activity?

  • Weblog
  • Trace route
  • Monitor
  • Audit trail

Ans. Audit trail

21.Which Virus Gets Executed When PC Turn On?

  • Macro
  • File Infector
  • Boot Sector
  • Salami Shaving

Ans. Boot Sector

22.Which is the Correct Format of Email Address?

  • name@website@info
  • name@website.info
  • www.nameofwebsite.com
  • name.website.com

Ans. name@website.info

23.What is the Printing Speed of a Big Laser Printer?

  • 150 Page
  • 200 Page
  • 250 Page
  • 300 Page

Ans. 150 Page

24.What is the Output of the Following?

  • Hard Copy
  • Soft Copy
  • Duplicate Copy
  • On Paper

Ans. Soft Copy

25.SEO का मतलब _________ है ?

Ans. Search Engine Optimization

Q.26. You can use…..to copy selected text; and …..to paste it in a document.







Q.27. Each box in a spreadsheet is called a……

(A) cell

(B) empty space

(C) record

(D) field

(E) None of these

Ans   A. cell

Q.28.When a file is saved for the first time………

(A) a copy is automatically printed

(B) file name and folder name must be the same

(C) it does not need a name

(D) it only need a name if it is not going to be printed

(E) It must be given a name to identify it.

Ans .   E. It must be given a name to identify it.

Q.29. The letter and number the intersecting column and row is the-

(A) Cell location

(B) Cell position

(C) Cell address

(D) Cell coordinates

(E) Cell continents

Ans .   C. Cell address

Q.30. Forms that are used to organize business data into rows and columns are called……..

(A) Transaction sheets

(B) Registers

(C) Business forms

(D) Sheep-spreads

(E) Spreadsheets

Ans .   E. Spreadsheets

Q.31. The PC productivity tool that manipulates data organized in rows and columns is called a…..

(A) Spreadsheet

(B) Word processing document

(C) Presentation mechanism

(D) Database record manager

(E) EDI creator

Ans .   A. Spreadsheet

Q.32. If a previously saved file is edited

(A) It cannot be saved again

(B) The changes will automatically be saved in the file

(C) The file will only have to be saved again if it is more than one page in length

(D) Its name must be changed

(E) The file must be saved again to store the changes

Ans .   E. The file must be saved again to store the changes

Q.33. A…………is a collection of information saved as unit.

(A) folder

(B) File

(C) path

(D) file extension

(E) None of these

Ans .   B. File

Q.34. What is the overall term for creating, editing, formatting, storing retrieving and printing a text document ?

(A) Word processing

(B) Spreadsheet design

(C) Web design

(D) Database management

Ans .   A. Word processing

Q.35. A file is often referred to as a (n)……….

(A) Wizard

(B) Document

(C) Pane

(D) Device

(E) Documentation

Ans .   B. Document

Q.36.Microsoft office is an example of a………..

(A) closed source software

(B) open source software

(C) horizontal market software

(D) vertical market software

(E) compiler

Ans .   (C) horizontal market software

Q.37. To correct the spelling in Ms-Word we use……

(A) Spell Pro

(B) Spellcheck

(C) outlook Express

(D) All of These

(E) None of these

Ans .   (B) Spellcheck

Q.38. Which one of the following software applications would be the most appropriate for performing numerical and statistical calculations?

(A) Data base

(B) Document processor

(C) Graphics package

(D) Spreadsheet

(E) None of these

Ans .  (D) Spreadsheet

Q.39.The background of any word document……

(A) is always white

(B) is the colour you pre-set under the option menu

(C) is always the same for the entire document

(D) Can have any colour you choose

(E) None of these

Ans .  (D) Can have any colour you choose

Q.40. Text in a column is generally aligned…..

(A) Justified

(B) Right

(C) Centre

(D) Left

(E) None of these

Ans .  (D) Left

Q.41. Numbers in table columns are usual….

(A) right-aligned

(B) left-aligned

(C) justified

(D) cantered

(E) None of these

Ans .  (A) right-aligned

Q.42.A collection of related files is called………

(A) Character

(B) Field

(C) Date base

(D) Record

(E) None of these

Ans .  (C) Date base

Q.43.In which group do we work at the time of text formatting in word ?

(A) Table, paragraph and Indexes

(B) Paragraph, Indexes and Sections

(C) Characters, sections and paragraphs

(D) Indexes, characters and Tables

(E) None of these

Ans .   (A) Table, paragraph and Indexes

Q.44.To save an existing file with a new location we should……..command.

(A) save

(B) save and replace

(C) save as

(D) New file

Ans .   (C) save as

Q.45. In powerpoint, the Header & Footer button can be found on the insert tab in what group?

(A) Illustrations group

(B) Object group

(C) Text group

(D) Tables group

(E) None of these

Ans .   (C) Text group

Q.46.Which powerpoint view displays each slide of the presentation as a thumbnail and is useful for rearranging slides ?

(A) Slide Sorter

(B) Slide show

(C) Slide master

(D) Notes Page

(E) Slide Design

Ans . (A) Slide Sorter

Q.47. To print a document…..

(A) Select the Print command and then select ok

(B) Select the Ready Printer command and then select OK

(C) type Print and then press Enter

(D) None of these

Ans .   (A) Select the Print command and then select ok

Q.48.What is a list of data files of any database called ?

(A) Data diary

(B) Data list

(C) Data disc

(D) Data dictionary  

(E) None of these

Ans .(D) Data dictionary  

Q.49. What is the main folder on a storage device called ?

(A) Root directory

(B) Interface

(C) Device driver

(D) Platform

(E) Main directory

Ans .  (A) Root directory

Q.50.Excel workbook is a collection of……..

(A) Chart

(B) Word book

(C) Worksheet

(D) a and c

(E) None of these

Ans .   (C) Worksheet

Q.51. Which of the following is not related to text formatting?

(A) Line spacing

(B) Text spacing

(C) Margin change

(D) Searching

(E) None of these

Ans .   (D) Searching

Q.52.In a spreadsheet program the…….contains related worksheets and document.

(A) Workbook

(B) Column

(C) Call

(D) Formula

(E) None of these

Ans .   (A) Workbook

Q.53. The word wrap feature –

(A) Automatically moves the text to next line when necessary

(B) Appears at the bottom of the document

(C) Allows you to type over text

(D) Is the short horizontal line indicating the end of the document

Ans . (A) Automatically moves the text to next line when necessary

Q.54. What is a default file extension for all word documents?





(E) None of these

Ans .   (D) DOC

Q.55. A directory within a directory is called…..

(A) Mini directory

(B) Junior directory

(C) Part directory

(D) Sub directory

(E) None of these

Ans .  (D) Sub directory

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